Fall 2019 

    The Fall challenge of 2019 - sharing, laughing and encouraging, never ever grows old. It goes way beyond the music, the humor, and what happens on stages or platforms. >> Performers, singers, speakers, preachers, communicators, connectors broadcasters -- let's ALL take on the urgency of being nothing more than a loudspeaker filled with the anointing of the gospel. That is MY mission; that is the call. Bring it on!  For more info on each event, click here.

Valued Highly 

  What’s your net worth? I guaran-darn-tee you—your earthly assets will never determine your value. God’s formal promise assures us in writing) that certain conditions will be fulfilled, especially the healing of a broken heart. That’s His promise of quality and durability; the assurance of intrinsic value is placed upon you. You are His prized possession. #embracethis #youarevalued #heseesyou #undone #lent #fast

The Slightest Things 


Out of the mouths of those who soon realize, there’s more to life, comes the greatest disappointment: Fame and fortune does not bring happiness. In my journey of downsizing and minimalist living, I’ve also been under conviction, that I can do more.....with less. How I approach new opportunities of speaking, writing books and making music is also being tested and tried. Minimalism is not a radical life style. It forces you to think about what’s really important. What I put on my merchandise table at my…

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She Put the Fun in Functional! 


The last Monday of the month of January is considered to be "National Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day!" What a rejoicing day for this abnormal crazy - who will celebrate the strangest things in life! "The primary purpose of bubble wrap is to protect fragile items either in shipping or storage. People also get enjoyment from popping the bubbles in bubble wrap..", says the article. No duh. The popping  of the bubbles is more than enjoyment, it's pure ecstasy as far as I'm concerned. Our UPS Store here in…

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August Devotion 

#AugustDevotion ? My thoughts always turn to how the sun, sea, sand and warm temperatures (to me) are pure reflections of God and His inner workings within me. Approaching my 63rd birthday soon, and I don’t quite know how that all happened. In my heart and brain, I’m still that awkward lanky-frolicking master pinball player, stubbing my toes on uneven boards of the boardwalk. I can still hear and feel the ocean and salt in my ears. I am grateful for God’s protection over the decades, (like an SPF of 1…

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We Held Hands 

The man holding my hand on the left is my Pop Pop Link. He was born on January 29th, 1904. We are walking 7th Street in Salem, New Jersey around 1957. My Pop Pop holding my hand was my favorite. Later, as he grew older, he was stricken with dementia, and it was my turn to hold his hand. Last week, while parking my car at #Costco, I noticed an elderly man crying and stumbling while walking, trying to navigate cars in the parking lot. He caught my eye. I followed him for a few minutes, then stopped my car…

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Remember the days in many U.S. churches where this was how the week’s Sunday #worshipset list was announced? Yeah. Those days... No glitzy social media promotion announcing the “set list”. No drama or worship war with the band on stage. We actually held a Hymn book. Congregants sang, and actually heard themselves sing. Sundays felt more like community than a Broadway show. And you never heard people say (to the pastor, as they exited) “Wow. That worship team ‘killed’ it today.”

Now, before you get your

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Thanks to TEVA® for making such a durable and long-lasting sandal. I've been able to trek in these things for over nine thousand miles, I figure. My calculations are correct since they've scaled mountains, rail trails, hiking paths, state parks, rainy streets, as well as muddy roads in Bermuda, Mexico, Grand Cayman, Jamaica, Philippines, Haiti and Malaysia, and even New Jersey! They are at least twelve years old and are simply my go-to foot-gear for everything rocky, messy, difficult and disgusting.


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“One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish…”. Or in my current sphere, “One fish, two fish, Sue ate, bad fish!” Yikes and yes. I ate bad fish last month on the road somewhere. Now I’m blue, or at least I was. Somewhere in the process of the quest for good seafood, I hooked an uninvited parasitic microsporidia. Sounds worse than what it is, but still, it’s knocked me for a loop. “Green eggs and ham woulda been better, Sam-I-Am.” And my liver would have stood up and applauded.

Seuss-isms aside, I am…

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On The Road

Stand Up Conference

 — (EDT, UTC-04) — (EDT, UTC-04)

America's Keswick, Whiting, NJ


Join us for a one-day event that will be inspiring, encouraging and giving you networking opportunities to strengthen the calling on your life. We have outstanding speakers who will empower each of you to make a difference in your school, your church, your community, and our beloved country. The day will include breakout session on specific subjects and give opportunities for social engagement. Worship and music by the Duffields.

Who: Christian educators, leaders, and church members are invited to the Stand-Up conference Purpose: Motivate strong faith and spiritual growth Encourage, Support, and Empower Christian educators Promote positive leadership

What to Expect: Continental breakfast starting at 8:30 am, keynote speakers, workshops, networking time, and lunch

Cost: $50.00 per person for the conference.

This event is sponsored by The Initiative in Education. Any profits will go to Camp Melody, a free Christian overnight camp that began in 1999. Lives have been touched by this camp.

Checks are to be made out to Melody Ministries. Mail to the following address: 355 Indian Ave Bridgeton, NJ 08302 or Contact Dawn Fossnes for more information: dmcfdawn@gmail.com

$50 for the day

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Jeff's brand new USB or CD is available NOW for a donation of $20 (Preorder includes shipping). Proceeds will go to Ranch Hope for Boys, Inc. in honor of founder, Rev. David Baily, Sr., who recently went home to be with the Lord.

Donations accepted for ALL USBs, CDs and Books. $20 minimum. For more information, contact Sue Duffield.






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