Use The Surge Protector


If you've been a consistent connector on Facebook and other social media outlets, this sudden surge of posting via FaceBook Live isn't unusual for you. Your tribe knows you, and they love you and depend on you, because you've been there all along in your frequency of connecting.

What disturbs me are the silent ones who are NOW crazily and desperately posting (who were all but invisible before) trying to use this platform as an instant fundraiser or promotions venue, crying for attention and finance.

I'm proud of our community of musicians and ministries, who (for the most part) understand how social media can be best used as a relationship builder; a bond, a correspondence of kindred heart. Every day, I'm constantly thinking of ways to better myself online, so that through this unprecedented time, I can be on the same page - helping others see Christ. I'm proud of the churches and non-profits who are really digging deep, meeting the needs of people, which when translated in any form - is a very Christ-like approach.

So, not to sound like the social media police in the midst of social distancing, but rather - I choose to be wise, to be smart and to stay socially connected online. It's much more genuine when it comes from your heart, and not from panic. We're all in his together.

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