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We have a policy in our house: No phones at dinner time. And when we have a game night, with kids from the neighborhood and from the church youth group, we actually have a basket by the front door with a sign that says, "Free food - if you leave your phones here." We never have any complaints!
I lost my iPhone on a family vacation and my kids were so excited. I spend the first day so discouraged, wanting to replace it at the Sprint store. But after a few days, I totally forgot about it. My kids will tell you it was the best vacation they ever had - having their dad so engaged in everything. I agree, Sue. Get off it. Be present. And no one really cares about all the pictures we post anyway.
OK, now you're hitting below the belt! But Sue - you're so right! I think our generation is the worst with balance involving social media, iPads and phones.. I wish I could recover some of the "lost" moments and not make it so about "logging the journey", but rather enjoying the moment with my family. You can't get that stuff back.

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