The Sun Makes A Difference

Seasonal allergies don't even compare with seasonal depression, I'm told. Well.... I'm more than "told", I'm a victim at times too. We went over seven days without sunshine recently, and I was ready to go buy one of those sun lamp thingys. But then, the big ball in the sky made its appearance, and I just stared in the face of this unusual but welcomed light. I felt the warmth, the clarity, the orange through my eyelids. Happy. Smilies. Deep breaths. Even the sky looked bluer than ever. 

Think how much greater it'd be if we continually kept our face towards the Son. Never letting a day pass without putting our face in His Word. The true Light. This far surpasses any physical attribute of the sun. For if we stare into the sun, we can become blind. But staring into the Light of Lights only purifies our vision. I "see" that now more than ever. Clearly. 

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