Text And See, That The Lord Is Good!

I sent a text to Jeff today that said, "I'm at Planet Firmness...". Firmness. Yes, that's what auto-correct defaulted to. (I'm believing for this to be a prophetic word!) Of course, I laugh.

"Planet Fitness", which is what I wish to type, also has shown up on my phone (when I'm typing frivolously) as "Planter Bitterness", "Plant Fastener", "Plane Finesse", and "Plantar Fasciitis." Yes, all of these. Ironically, the recipients of these messages totally understand me and know the location, without question. And there's no doubt, they chuckle, as do I!

Sometimes I feel both TOO OLD AND TOO YOUNG for this technological journey I face every day. It kind of goes hand in hand with the ministry God puts before me. Staying both relevant to this generation as well as never loosening my grip from my retro foundational teaching, pretty much throws me into the perpetual motion of noise. Who do we listen to? Who is qualified? Me? And who are the voices of truth? Am I a voice of truth? (Much like me texting, "I'm at Planet Firmness...", I'm literally not "there", but you assume so because it looks pretty close to what I intended to type.)

Understanding Jeremiah, the prophet, and his calling is crucial to not just understanding the whole of the book of Jeremiah going forward, but our own personal calling and ministry for the kingdom of God. Jeremiah undertakes the battle for God’s Word at a time when almost no one wants to hear it, when those in authority don’t want to recognize it, and when the majority of so-called spiritual leaders are making money and fame counterfeiting and twisting it. Ugh.. (Sound familiar?) He is one of the handful of true prophets among thousands of false ones. In our present day, Jeremiah is the closest parallel to the things we currently face.

I especially love Jeremiah 1:5 (The Message) “Before I shaped you in the womb, I knew all about you. Before you saw the light of day, I had holy plans for you: A prophet to the nations—that’s what I had in mind for you.” 

There are four very distinct actions in this little verse:

  • If God is texting you today, He doesn't say, "I framed you". He says - “I formed you.” – We are equipped for His purpose.

  • God isn't texting, “I knock you”. He's saying, "I know you." – We are individually called for His purpose.


  • God didn't mis-text you by saying, “I confiscated you.” He says "I consecrated you." – We are separated from the world’s ways for His purpose.


  • And one more, God would never text, "I have appalled you." He very distinctly says, “I have appointed you” – We are specifically called for His purpose.
Wouldn't it be great to set your mind on God's auto-correct? You know, the days that come when you feel so unqualified or insignificant, that you can't speak (or text) with purpose or significance? God takes our feeble, filthy words and has made the auto-correction through the cross. The single greatest auto-correct happened when Satan was defeated and Jesus gave His life for us! 
Praise God for His handiwork which improves your life-text, correcting grammar, spelling, Word choice and style with unmatched Holy Spirit accuracy! 


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