Stand-Up Jesus

We all know the physical benefits of laughter, but have we totally understood the spiritual health of the believer who laughs? Probably not.

After interviewing twenty young people online, both professing Christians and not, the following statements may surprise you. And if they do get to you in some way, I hope you'll do something to change what they think. I know I am. Ironically, I may offend some Christians along the way, purely because I wish to do as Jesus did - and stir up the pot! Jesus rarely struggled with unbelievers. His REAL problems began with those who were skilled in scriptures, the ones who lived by the law.

So, here you go! Here are answers from a recent group email I sent out to twenty-somethings and beyond. My question was..

"If you could change one thing about church and church people, what would that be?

  • I would make it more fun. Most times I leave church feeling bad about myself.
  • I love the music, but it's not nearly as upbeat and joyful as it can be.
  • My pastor has an issue with fun for some reason. I think he thinks it's a sin.
  • I don't go to church anymore because they try to be something they're not.
  • My dad laughs a lot at home, but when he gets to church, he gets all weird and everything. I think more young people would go to church if they didn't act all pious and stuff...
  • I wouldn't change one thing about my church. We laugh a lot, we cry a lot, we sing a lot, and my pastor is down to earth.
  • We could maybe pattern our churches after coffee shops; people go there to drink coffee, hang out and connect with each other. Much more relaxed and much more laughter is needed in church.
  • Church isn't a priority for me. Is that what you wanted to hear? Sorry if it's not. It's just too guilt-producing.
  • I would surely make the services more light-hearted and more interactive. My friends would never go to a church that wasn't like that. Neither would I.
  • Since most people my age have a weird slant on what church means, I think your question would be better if it asked, "If I could change one thing about ME, what would that be?" - And that would be, "To love and laugh more."
  • I'm not nearly as interested in being entertained as I am being engaged in worship. I am now 35 years old, and I wish I would have understood that earlier in my Christian walk.
  • I think laughing in church services is underestimated. Jesus laughed, I promise you. I wish churches would get a grip on that.

 Wow. So, there you go... Ask questions? Get answers. 

There's a million directions and explanations from the above statements. And we could all go into some sort of analytical reasons for many of them. But for now, I hope you see (like me), the value that laughter and humor has in the connection piece of keeping us all together. For now, that's what I see. And for now, that's what I plan to do. Laugh. In Jesus' name. :)


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