Right Turn, Clyde!

In Lansing, Michigan, the state Senate gave their final approval to legislation giving bicyclists another way to signal a right turn. Bicyclists can now signal a right turn by extending their right arm horizontally. They've been signaling a right turn with an L position by extending their LEFT arm upward, a signal in effect since shortly after World War II. Yes, for cycling purists, you already know this. But generally, the driving public has no clue. Some will wave back to you if you signal the old-school left hand/right turn signal. Come to think of it, (speaking of WW II), it does look rather heil-Hitler-ish!

The bill's sponsor, Republican Rep. Anthony Forlini of Macomb County's Harrison Township, said the bill grew out of his own personal biking experience. He says most car drivers (today) are unfamiliar with bicyclists' left-hand right turn gesture.

Ya think? Hmmm... SO, the gal in the picture above... Is she joyful and praising God? Or is she totally out of style wanting to make a right turn?

Apparently, MY own personal worship experience of late is less the "right-hand, right arm, left-hand, left arm" praise gesture and more the "deep and wide" (emphasis on the wide) kind of motion, which makes it inevitably hazardous to the persons standing on either side of me. Holding my arms above my head, for sustainable minutes doesn't work for me now. But the wide straight-armed expression, while less flattering and more confusing to the seasoned worship standard, is more like the slo-down signal of aircraft marshalling that goes on between the ground personnel and the pilot.

I love this new slo-mo, wing-span adoration. My mains think I'm quite flex and cray cray. (HA!) I think I'm just expressing my total-ness and complete abandon to God. It also shows off my lovely flapper cellulite, but that's another story. But don't bother me when I'm in this form. Some think I'm just working on my arm-strength and conditioning. Possibly. But don't be asking me if I'm trying to make a right or left turn. it's my updated and revised communication signal giving God permission to take me in ANY direction He wants me to go! And I surely don't need any legislation to tell me otherwise.. Definitely the "right" turn. 

What are your best moves for God? And if you had a chance to really express yourself in worship, without any critique or ritualistic expectation, how freeing would that be? Give yourself permission to throw out all apprehension and take a "turn" at lifting your body, soul and spirit to the One who has set you free. 

Malachi 1:11

“I am honored all over the world. And there are people who know how to worship me all over the world, who honor me by bringing their best to me. They’re saying it everywhere: ‘God is greater, this God-of-the-Angel-Armies.’


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