Random Mother's Day Sentiments

I took a shot at trying out something today... Every woman I come in contact with, while stopping at the North East Extension PA turnpike rest areas (for potty breaks!), I say, "Happy Mother's Day". It's been pretty funny to watch and hear the reactions. So far, here is my log of what's happened so far:

1. (me) "Happy Mother's Day"
(woman) "You talkin' to me? OH, I guess you are! (laughs) Well, thank you then; I'm kinda sick.."

2. (me) "Happy Mother's Day"
(woman) "Wow, that sure is nice. Thank you! My kids don't live around here, so thanks anyway!"

3. (me) "Happy Mother's Day"
(woman) "I don't have kids. (me) "That's OK. (woman) "But I do have ovaries, so I guess there's hope, right??" (me - laughing!) "Yes! There's always hope!" (woman) "I just have to find the right testicles." (yes she said that!)

4. (me) "Happy Mother's Day"
(man) "You're kidding, right?"
(I just wanted to see what a man would say!)

5. (me) "Happy Mother's Day"
(woman) "Thanks! But it's not til Sunday, right? But how nice of you? Are you a reporter or something?" (tee-hee!)

6. (me) "Happy Mother's Day"
(woman, with her adult child in a wheelchair, who can't speak or walk) "Thank you, it's the best. And my girl is the best!" (me) "Yes, she is. Can I hug her?" (woman) "Yes, but be careful, she might not let go!!" (me - I hug her, and it takes a few minutes for me to pry myself away.) "She's got a great momma. Thanks for being the best example yet of being a super mom." (woman) "Hey, we do what we gotta do.. love our kids no matter what."

7. (me) "Happy Mother's Day"
(woman, glaring at me like I just cursed at her) "Really?? What, are you selling something?"

So once again, I'm never disappointed when interviewing people. From all walks of life, these women (and man!) bring the surprise factor into full view. And most, I would say, show their true colors in less than a second. Happy Mother's Day weekend to all of you. I miss my mom so much. So much I do. But I'm so glad that my two kids give me hope that somewhere along the line, I did something right. And if you never had kids, whether by your choice or not, you are no less of a woman. In fact, in some arenas, you're a lot smarter than all of us are!

But the best part of celebrating a Mother's Day weekend, is remembering that we are women with great potential to change the world. Let's do this. Take a child, whether you're genetically attached or not, and pour love into them. Out of your pain or hardship or loss, wrap your arms around a child or teenager or an adult "baby", and lavish them with hope for their future.

As my mother used to say, "Mother's Day is a lot like Father's Day, except the presents are a LOT more expensive!" :)


Linda Myer May 09, 2014 @05:38 pm
Happy Mothers Day, Sue. God bless you richly in your service to Him.
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