Does God Care?

Of course, God cares. I've known that for years. But until I totally understand that He most definitely cares about everything, I might as well just live like He cares about nothing. 

I dragged Jeff in and out of department stores the last few days, trying to find THE coat. A coat for me, that is. I know it's the end of the season, but it's a great way to find a deal too. My old one is leaking duck down everywhere! I so want a black, full length down coat with a hood. The last one I bought was at Sear's back in 2000. And I got that one for about $23. A great bargain. A great deal. And this time (again), I'm on a hunt. An intense shopping journey. A mission of finding this coat.

How many stores do you think I've been to in the last three days? Oh, let's just say, hmm, probably at least ten. Macy's, JCPenney, Burlington Coat Factory, Nordstrom,Marshall's, TJMaxx, Dick's Sporting Goods, Target, Walmart, Peebles, Goodwill and Macy's again. I bet I tried on a hundred coats. Of course all the size 0's are available. I need an XL. Large and XL sizes are the first to go, I'm told. An arsenal of mediums abound. Nothing. Nada. Zilch.

"So, what exactly are you looking for, Sue?" I don't want a wool coat. (I start to get spiritual here) I want a l-o-n-g winter down coat. And I know I should have bought one earlier in the season, but who has the $$$ to buy a full length down coat at regular retail? Not me.

So, I'm on a desperate mission. Jeff laughs, but he also knows when I get this twinkle and determination in my eyes (he's seen it before!), that something miraculous is going to happen. And. It. Did.

During my last stop of the night last night, walking around Christiana Mall in DE, something inside of me said, "Go to Macy's again." In the past, I would ignore that little voice. But I don't ignore it anymore. I go upstairs to the marked down section of coats, where I was the very day before. A sweet woman stares at me behind the counter, after I ask, "Any full length down coats?"

I expected her to laugh out loud. I got the response I wasn't anticipating. I was prepared for her to say with a snarl, "Are you kidding? With these 70% off prices?? We have nothing left."

But instead she points to my left in slow motion. And then she nods. Then she says, "I think that's your coat." (How did she know?)

It was indeed. A black XL London Fog, full length down coat, with a hood. Regular price: $450, marked down 70% off, plus my 15% coupon. You do the math. Jehovah Jireh! :)

It's a trite kind of story. It's an example of little things. But it's also an amazing spirit-walk for me, to totally depend on God for everything. And every time I wear this coat, you better believe me - I'll be sharing how God takes care of everything, if you'll let him.

In the mean time, we're going through challenges with Jeff's dad and some issues of water leakage in his home. We've watched in the last two days, how God has imparted great wisdom to my husband. I love watching how he takes care of his dad and his brother. I love how, like an investigative reporter, he also took care of my mom after my dad died. I watch how he takes care of his clients and his musician buddies, devoting long hours (which he doesn't always get paid) for counsel and direction.

But here's the kicker: You don't always have to be paid. You don't always have to be given remuneration for services rendered. In fact, we watch how God "opens doors that no man can lock, and locks doors that no man can open" (Rev. 3: 7,8) when we give out of lack and rejoice when stuff hits the fan.

So, thank you God for allowing me to find a coat (cheaply!) that I love so much. Jeff was patient with me, but he probably is the reason why I found this coat in the first place! I'm not surprised at how you take care of all of us.

SO, it's time for you to make a list. Make that little list today. How has God taken care of you? And better yet, how can YOU take care of someone else today?


Cheryl Grossman February 11, 2014 @09:59 pm
I love this. My teenager says I pray about too many little things. I read this to her and she said, "Well, I guess it's OK if Sue does it!" I laughed out loud! Thanks to you, Sue, for just reminding us all of how much God cares about the tiny details of life. I even prayed about a rug color once, everyone laughing at me - until I was given the most beautiful furniture later, and it matched perfectly. We ended up giving away our older furniture to a woman who had a house fire. My furniture was the exact sofa that she had and lost in the fire. I love how God works.
Jayme Arevalo February 11, 2014 @05:33 pm
Sue this touched me deeply today. I have wanted a long full length coat for a while now but could not find one at a price I was willing to pay. God has been so amazing to us the last few weeks that I thought it would be silly to ask Him for another winter coat when I had a perfectly good mid length one. But God sees the desires of our hearts and He takes care of us in so many ways. My husband was on line last night and somehow he found a long coat on Land's End in my size and black. The amazing part is that I have looked on their web site many times not finding anything. So I am so thankful that God had provided and I will be nice and warm when I am watching over my kindergarten class during recess. Thank you for sharing this and making me feel grateful for the little things that really are big things :) God bless you and stay warm!
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