#AugustDevotion 🏖 My thoughts always turn to how the sun, sea, sand and warm temperatures (to me) are pure reflections of God and His inner workings within me. Approaching my 63rd birthday soon, and I don’t quite know how that all happened. In my heart and brain, I’m still that awkward lanky-frolicking master pinball player, stubbing my toes on uneven boards of the boardwalk. I can still hear and feel the ocean and salt in my ears. I am grateful for God’s protection over the decades, (like an SPF of 1 million) but I’m even more grateful and humbled that God gave me some pretty special kids. They’re adulting now, and I live vicariously through them, but who would know — that the sand never really leaves your toes?! Their kid-voices still resonate in your head! Thank you Lord, for not withholding any good thing from me. And when the tumultuous waves of aging hit the shore and I must run to keep from being knocked to the sand, thank you again, Lord, for your promise of being my eternal shield and shade. #instaphoto #instadevo #beachlife #beachumbrella #adulting #thefutureisnow My photo: #SeaIsleCityBeach 7/2016

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